The Montague Street BID works closely with the New York Police Department 84th Precinct Neighborhood Coordination Officers (NCOs) — our local problem solvers.

Our NCO’s, Officer Almand Kucevic and Officer Justin Mateo are committed to building mutual respect and stronger lines of communication between police officers and our community.  They actively engage with neighborhood residents and business people and become part of the fiber of the neighborhood to keep things safer.

As in all neighborhoods throughout the city, NCO’s host Build the Block safety meetings to jumpstart the dialogue between cops and community members to create real working relationships.  The meetings have two simple goals: to identify the public safety challenges of your specific neighborhood – big or small – and give everyone an opportunity discuss potential solutions together.

Business owners and neighbors are invited to attend these meetings and join in on the conversation. To find out when our next meeting is, click here to visit the NYPD’s Build the Block website.