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Guidelines to Reopen

The resilience of our businesses and of the people who support them is awe-inspiring. As we get closer to phasing in reopening according to state guidelines, here are some guides and templates to help you get ready.

Visit here to see the New York Forward Metrics for Reopening dashboard updated in real time to better gauge when NYC will be reopening.  

Plans for Reopening

New York State Reopening Plan

As part of the state’s New York Forward plan, businesses are required to fill out a Reopening Plan. The plan is a simple outline of how you will maintain physical distancing, provide protective equipment, and maintain cleanliness at your location, and other precautionary measures. The plan does not have to be filed with the state, but does have to be kept on premise.

Click here for more information and a simple to fill out template

Is your business eligible to reopen yet?

Businesses in each region of the state will be able to re-open in phases. Re-opening refers to non-essential businesses and business activities. Essential businesses and business activities that are open, will be able to remain open.

The state has created a tool to help you determine whether or not your business is eligible to reopen yet and the public health and safety standards that you must comply with. Click here to get started

New York State Interim Guidelines for Curbside and In Store Pick up
The state has put together interim guidelines for in store and curbside pick-ups for all businesses. Click  here

for more information. After you read the document you’ll be asked to affirm that your business is compliance with the New York Forward reopening guidance.