Clean Streets Program

Our clean neighborhood communicates volumes about our community’s sense of pride, and affects the level of security and behaviors in Brooklyn Heights.

Our clean street ambassadors greet business owners and neighborhood residents with a warm smile and a helping hand 7 days a week and perform the following services:


The Montague Street BID is piloting the Clean Curbs Program with the Department of Sanitation and Department of Transportation. We are the first Brooklyn Business Improvement District to be a part of this program soon to be coming to all five boroughs.

The Montague Street BID’s sanitation crew, Block by Block, puts public trash from receptacles along Montague Street into the bins to keep the streets cleaner. The bins are built with bamboo, aluminum and durable materials. They’re locked, fully enclosed, non-flammable, and most importantly rodent-proof.

We hope that they help us to keep Montague Street cleaner and add to the quality of life for everyone in our neighborhood.

Litter removal

Picking up debris, loose trash, cigarette butts, sediment and loose rock from sidewalks, alleys and street gutters.

Weed removal

Removing weeds from sidewalk cracks and building lines.

Graffiti removal

Cleaning graffiti immediately upon identification using the least invasive methods possible.

Power washing

All sidewalks are washed on a schedule to maintain consistent levels of cleanliness, and spot washing is done to immediately address unsightly spills and stains.

Snow removal

Clearing paths in areas that fall outside of the city’s and property owners’ responsibility.

Special projects

Painting light post, trash cans, tree pit guards and street furniture on a seasonal basis.