Everyone enjoys the BID’s beautification and landscaping initiatives along Montague Street year-round

Look Down

Notice the bursts of color hanging from the District’s tree pit guards? The BID’s landscaper, local business James Weir Floral plants and maintains these tree guard hanging baskets in our tree pits every Spring and Summer.

50 Street Trees Grow on Montague Street in Brooklyn

50 trees on Montague Street add to the overall dense and healthy canopy of trees in Brooklyn Heights. The District’s arborist regularly prunes and amends the soil of these trees to ensure that they remain healthy and add to the health and beauty of the neighborhood.

Light it Up

In late Fall, the BID wraps the trees and light poles along Montague Street with more than 18 miles of festive holiday lights and fresh garland to help brighten chilly nights and extend the holiday spirit.


A series of banners hang high on the ‘bishop crook’ style street poles to create a unified identity for the District and add a sense of festivity to the street.

Photo: Gina Williams