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Trust + Safety

Letting your customers know what you’re doing to keep them safe and well will make them feel more comfortable about coming to your business.

The first step in doing this is to complete your New York State mandates Safety Plan and keep it at your business. Click here to download a simple template to create  your plan.

A couple of other, things to think about include:

As the business owner, you set the tone for our business.

  • Be sure that you and your employees all wear masks
  • Communicate your policies and procedures for keeping your patrons well

People will be interested in

  • How you will be managing social distancing
  • Cleaning and sanitizing processes you’re following
  • Special processes to shop, dine, purchase and use your services
  • New hours, menus, products, ways of doing business
  • Your honesty and transparency

Here are some ways that you can communicate what you’re doing to keep your patrons and employees well:

  • Clear communication on your website
  • Email newsletters to share information about safety and wellness plans and procedures
  • A sign or note in your window
  • Social media posts
    • Think about doing this regularly and include images of your business reopening in progress
  • Post a video on your website and/or social media
  • In-store signage reminding people to social distance and what your mask policies are. If you need signage,you can download some here or contact the BID to have some dropped off here
  • Designate an employee as your Wellness Ambassador to come up with ideas to keep employees and customers well

If you have any questions or have other tips to establish trust that you’d like to share with us, let us know at