BID Programs

The BID provides a myriad of services to enhance and improve the District, including: supplemental sanitation services, streetscape beautification and maintenance, business assistance and advocacy, marketing and promotion, and retail development. For more information, see our BID Services Brochure.

Clean Streets

The BID’s sanitation contractor Block by Block, provides street cleaning seven days a week from 7:30 AM to 4:30 PM, with extended hours in the summer. Workers sweep sidewalks, curbs, and gutters; clear drains and shovel snow from corners; and empty trash receptacles within in the BID.

In addition to its sanitation crew, Block by Block provides a dedicated Special Projects Ambassador to address specific maintenance issues, including ongoing graffiti removal, deep cleaning, annual painting of the District’s street furniture, and other projects above and beyond regular cleaning services.

Beautification & Landscaping

Hanging Baskets
The distinctive hanging baskets on Montague Street’s lamp poles are planted and maintained by local florist – James Weir Floral. The baskets, bursting with colorful flowers and brimming with bright green hanging vines, are constantly watered throughout the spring and summer.

Tree Pit Plantings
The BID recently undertook an innovative approach to landscaping that dramatically enhanced the appearance of Montague Street. Now, the BID’s tree pits are bursting with lush plants thanks to the installation of hanging baskets on nearly all of the District’s tree guards.

Due to sub-optimal soil conditions, the BID had been exploring alternatives to traditional tree pit landscaping. Last spring the BID took an unprecedented approach and affixed hanging baskets to the inside of six tree pits guards, which were then filled with perennials. The hanging baskets allowed the BID to provide a lush landscape without struggling with the constraints of planting in the pits themselves. A demonstrated success, the BID expanded the pilot program this past spring to include nearly all of the BID’s tree pits.

The BID’s landscaper, James Weir Floral, diligently maintains and waters the plantings throughout the season.

Street Trees
The BID also maintains the District’s fifty street trees. The BID’s arborist provides regular pruning and soil amendments to ensure the trees remain healthy.

The BID’s lamp poles are adorned with the BID’s iconic logo. The new banners create a unified identify for the District and is part of the BID’s larger branding efforts.

Street Furniture
Recognizing a need for public seating along the District, particularly for families with young children, the elderly, and persons with disabilities, the BID applied to the Department of Transportation for street benches. Two sites were selected and benches were installed, at no cost to the BID. An asset to the community, the benches are in constant use by the community.

Installation of Montague Street’s decorative street poles, in the ‘bishop’s crook’ style, as well as the BID’s fifty tree pit guards, were funded through grants obtained by the BID. Matching black trash receptacles are also provided and maintained by the BID.

The District’s Curb Your Dog tree pit signage were generously donated by

Marketing & Promotion

The BID promotes the District through publications, programs, and advertising. We also host a range of events, including shop local campaigns, street festivals, and seasonal events.

Summer Space
The BID’s big annual event, Summer Space, takes place every September when Montague Street becomes a walkable business district closed to vehicular traffic. A pedestrian oasis welcoming visitors to explore our unique local shops, enjoy tasty eats, have fun with the kids playing games, creating art and crafting and move to the beats of inspired artists.  Summer Space is part of Weekend Walks – a series of outdoor street events made possible by the NYC Department of Transportation.

Seasonal Initiatives
In late fall, we wrap trees and light poles along Montague Street with festive holiday light and fresh garland. The BID hosts carolers from the Grace Chorale of Brooklyn, bringing holiday spirit all throughout Montague Street and celebrating with our neighbors during the annual tree lighting ceremony at the Brooklyn Promenade.

We celebrate Flag Day and Independence Day each year displaying flags prominently on each of the District’s light poles in addition to distributing hundreds of flags to area merchants.

Business Development

The BID regularly acts as an advocate when potential projects or policy impact the District’s merchants or property owners. BID representatives regularly attend workshops, testify at Community Board and other government hearings, and meet with city agency officials to voice the concerns and needs of the business community.

When merchants have specific concerns, the BID provides one-on-one assistance to resolve the issue or directs them to the appropriate organization or agency that can help.

The BID advocates for a well-maintained streetscape by monitoring the condition of Montague’s street furniture, roadbed, sidewalks, and signage. Any elements damaged or in need of replacement are then reported to the appropriate City agency.

The BID produces a welcome packet for new businesses that includes the BID’s Business Services Guide, which outlines the services available to local merchants.

For those not yet on Montague Street but looking to open a business here, a market profile is available on the BID’s website. The profile includes demographic census data and traffic counts.

The BID provides news and alerts to local businesses, property owners, and subscribers through its quarterly newsletter, regular e-blasts, website, Twitter, and Facebook page. Through a variety of communication outlets, the BID keeps its stakeholders and the greater community up-to-date on BID-sponsored events, resources available, and upcoming projects.